Ecopoetry Workshop

a creative, collaborative, and critical writing residency

6-20 July 2020
Taleggio Valley, Italy

Find out about our most recent Ecopoetry Workshop, the 2019 edition, here.

About Us

Begun in 2018, with the inaugural residential workshop held in the northern summer of 2019 in the Italian pre-Alps, Ecopoetry Workshop works at the forefront of contemporary ecopoetical theory and ecowriting practice.

We are currently delighted to be associated with the Nature, Art, and Habitat Residency, founded by Ilaria Mazzoleni.

At Ecopoetry Workshop we think together, read together, study together, and produce works of art and theory for the page, for performance, and for digital media, while continuing to press on the unlimited potential of poetry, art, and critical study to re-orient our relationship to the world.

We address all aspects of ecological thought, and regard ecological problems as not only environmental ones, but, equally, political and cultural ones. Because of this, we believe that “raising awareness” about ecological crisis is not enough. We are working to puncture that discourse and radically recompose the contemporary human-to-environment relationship.

Plan Your Visit

The next instalment of Ecopoetry Workshop takes place on 6-20 of July 2020 in the town of Sottochiesa, Italy. This two-week period is at the height of the European summer. We invite participants from around the world to join us. You can fly into one of Milan’s three airports and transfer easily via train and bus to the Valley. Northern Italy is rich in a variety of histories, so there is much to discover.


The application period for Ecopoetry Workshop 2020 is now open. To apply, please do so via this application form.

The cost of the workshop is €690.00, which includes all accommodation, facilitation, taxes, and some excursions.

Deadline for applications is 1 March 2020.

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